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I am Ranjith Raghavan.
I am a UX/UI Designer, Front-end Developer.
Welcome to my personal website.
(Oh! and you can just call me rans)

I’m a veteran centurion with over 5 years experience creating effective user experiences on web; whether they are responsive mobile friendly Websites, Web Apps or designing User Interfaces.

My Skills

I have a cohort of well trained and disciplined soldiers with which I go out to battle and take out any resistance I come across. Meet my troop members...

  • html skill<html> 5
  • css skill{css} 5
  • js skilljavascript(); 4
  • photoshop skillPhotoshop 5

I am also allies with jQuery, SASS/Compass, Adobe Suite (Fireworks, Illustrator and Flash), Bootstrap, Zurb Foundations, ActionScript, C++, Git, Grunt...

My Works

  • rents forvacation
  • Galaxy Interiors
  • alhakmiah
  • kastury indian cuisine
  • warde builders
  • Lamp Media Tech
  • baity logo
  • warde builders logo
  • Skybuilders-logo

Unfortunately, NDAs with clients prohibit me from publicly listing all of the projects I have worked on.

My battle plan

I love building things, whether it is an illustration, a toy house out of cardboard or idly doodling away abstract shapes in my rice plate. I love everything web. It allows me to explore all aspects of design, planning, programming and generally being creative all at the same time.

I like to dabble in both design and programming. Currently I work mostly on the front-end, creating responsive, cross-browser compatible websites and web apps with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop or Fireworks. I plan to perfect my front-end skills and learn server side languages like PHP and NodeJS as well, so I’ll one day have Gandalf-ian skills in my job.


Contact Me

When I’m not in front of a PC working or gaming, I’m probably hanging around with my friends or reading something about technology or history. If I am not doing any of those, I am writing a reply to your mail. :)

(yep, they are zeros and don't bother to copy paste email ID)
+91 953 9541 419

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